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[Accepted] Davis, Geoff - Enlistment Application - G.Davis - 10-25-2018

Enlistment Type: New Enlistment

First Name: Geoff

Last Name: Davis

Date of Birth: 10/26/1996

Country of Residence: US

Origin Time Zone: Mexico City - UTC -5

Are you currently in a unit?: No

Have you previously been in any units?: Yes

Previous Units: 91st Special Forces Group - left due to school work load.

Spartac left due to unit inactivity. basically no ops were being done.

Weekly Commitment Time: 3-6 Hours

Character Traits: I am willing to learn and enjoy doing different type of scenearios. I have a lot of experience playing arma and enjoy every moment of it.

I know how to listen and coordinate and enjoy teamwork rather than going rambo on an objective and getting killed.

Reasons for Applying: I wanted something different from Arma after playing for many years. I was tired of being the basic marine soldier doing the same type of missions so I joined a PMC unit, but after a year with that, it started to get mundane. This is why I am applying to yall's unit. To experience a new type of gameplay and try out a milsim unit which I have never done before. After playing with semi realism/ relaxed gameplay, I wanna have a Arma experience where people are actually coordinated and work together to accomplish objectives. After hearing that National Guard duty is different and there would be unique scenarios, I didn't hesisate to apply and see how yall ran your missions.

Referred By: Reddit

Legal copy of ArmA 3:: Yes

Working Microphone: Yes

Authorization: By submitting this form I acknowledge that there is no guarantee of acceptance, and that if accepted I will adhere to the rules & regulations set forth by the Unit Charter and 184th.us

RE: Form submission: Enlistment Application - F.Remus - 10-25-2018

[Image: s1_onhold.png]

G.Davis, your application has been put on hold until you complete you RRO Interview.

Please contact a recruiter on our TeamSpeak server to complete your interview.

Remember to complete your interview within 48 hours or your application will be denied.

If you have any questions or issues, please respond to this thread or contact a recruiter via our TeamSpeak.

RE: [Accepted] Davis, Geoff - Enlistment Application - F.Remus - 10-25-2018

[Image: s1_accepted.png]

Private G.Davis, your application has been approved. Welcome to the unit!

Remember to join us on our TeamSpeak server and introduce yourself!