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[Denied] Markov, Raz - Enlistment Application - R.Markov - 10-12-2018

Enlistment Type: New Enlistment

First Name: Raz

Last Name: Markov

Date of Birth: 21/08/2000

Country of Residence: US

Origin Time Zone: Africa/Bujumbura

Are you currently in a unit?: Yes

Have you previously been in any units?: Yes

Previous Units: 2000th Tiger Bttn. (honorable), 45th Hydra Bttn. (Gen. Discharge Under Honorable Con.), Iron Hydra Armed Forces (Currently Commander of Operations)

Weekly Commitment Time: 6+ Hours

Character Traits: Remus said I'm a really good boy and I'm a super swell fella.
Detailed Leadership experience along with discharge as C/CSM for AROTC. Been pushin' paper all my life.

Reasons for Applying: A new unit, a new opportunity. Who can resist kicking ass and taking names? I was sought after for recruiting. MILSIM is a great way to burn the time away. Someone has to drive the vics. The paperwork won't do itself. I enjoy hardcore simulation. Make me cry a little.

Referred By: Friend

Legal copy of ArmA 3:: Yes

Working Microphone: Yes

Authorization: By submitting this form I acknowledge that there is no guarantee of acceptance, and that if accepted I will adhere to the rules & regulations set forth by the Unit Charter and 184th.us

RE: Form submission: Enlistment - F.Remus - 10-13-2018

[Image: s1_onhold.png]

R.Markov, your application has been put on hold until you complete you RRO Interview.

Please contact a recruiter on our TeamSpeak server to complete your interview.

Remember to complete your interview within 48 hours or your application will be denied.

If you have any questions or issues, please respond to this thread or contact a recruiter via our TeamSpeak.

RE: [On Hold] Markov, Raz - Enlistment Application - F.Remus - 10-15-2018

[Image: s1_denied.png]

R.Markov, you have failed to complete an interview within 48 hours.

Your application has been denied.